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Why CVA?

In a nutshell, the CVA system controls unwanted suspension movement with calibrated anti-squat provided by chain force, rather than relying on rear shock compression damping or manual lockouts.

At the same time, CVA keeps the suspension active while climbing and descending, thanks to careful pivot placement which effectively tunes the amount of bump input required to overcome the anti-squat.

We believe the right tune is a balance between pedaling efficiency and fully active suspension.  CVA suspension is perfectly balanced, so the result is stable yet supple, active, ground-hugging traction in every situation - cranking uphill, ripping downhill, and everywhere in between.

Ultimately, you’ll have to try it to believe it. Even our engineers say, “you gotta ride it to get it.”

How does it work?

CVA is named for the path of the rear axle as the suspension cycles through travel. As the suspension is compressed, the rear axle moves past the sag point in a gradual, constantly varying arc, upward and inward toward the bike.

Niner’s CVA axle path is important. Thanks to this unique CVA rear axle path, Niner suspension bikes benefit from carefully controlled chain growth in the first 30% of suspension travel to impart an optimal degree of “anti-squat” force under pedaling loads.

  • Chain growth: the effective lengthening (or shortening) of the distance between the bottom bracket and rear axle as the suspension cycles.
  • Anti-squat: a measure of how the suspension resists pedal bob, or the tendency of suspension bikes to naturally move up and down under pedaling load, due to the rider’s weight shifting as the bike accelerates.

Patented and Proven.

Niner’s CVA suspension system was designed in-house, has been used on Niner bikes since 2008, and was granted a US Patent in May 2011. The system was awarded a Eurobike Design and Innovation Award in 2012 and has earned rave reviews from riders, product testers, and athletes around the world.

The ultimate goal of a suspension design is simple: to keep the rear wheel in contact with the ground and moving as freely and independently as possible in all situations, yet control and minimize unwanted, inefficient movement. Niner’s CVA is proven to do exactly this.

Carbon RLT RDO

You want to not just go the distance but do go there fast? The RLT 9 RDO is a gravel bike made to make the miles sail past. Do you want to explore? This bike encourages it. How about undertaking long and adventurous rides? Please do. Need a change of pace, a break from the routine? Go ahead. Give it a chance. If you can think it on two wheels, the RLT, a multi-tool of a bike, might just be the bike for you. From dirt trails to gravel to asphalt, this bike takes everything in stride, with you along for the ride.

-700x50 or up 650x2.0 on all gravel bikes

-custom bags for each frame size on all gravel bikes

-26 mounting points on all gravel bikes

Reynolds 853 steel

Our love affair with air-hardened Reynolds 853 steel started early. From early flirting with the ROS 9, to the first SIR 9, to our current RLT 9 steel, we’ve crushed on ferrous frames for over 15 years.

Why does Niner steel still feel so real?

In practical terms, Reynolds 853 is a nearly perfect material for creating bike frames. Rather than being weakened by heat, the frame tube junctions actually strengthen after TIG welding. This allows the use of thinner, lighter frame tubes without any sacrifice in durability or strength.

Additionally, steel-framed bicycles have a well-earned reputation for rugged, dependable reliability. Steel has a way of brushing off the inevitable scratches, dings, and rough treatment that accompanies the best adventures. No matter if you have a cross-continent excursion or a county line commute, the RLT 9 steel loves to be loaded up and rolled out.

Adventure awaits... all aboard aluminum

The RLT 9 maximizes your freedom and access to the Road Less Traveled. With affordable, high performing materials, elegant engineering, and a fully-featured frameset, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving your off road aspirations. There’s no surface that can’t be ridden, no side roads that must be skipped. And best of all, the RLT 9 offers unbeatable value at every level.

Niner’s 6061 aluminum RLT 9 is welded with hydroformed aluminum tubing. This material is universally praised for affordability and versatility. Before welding, we are careful to shape the tubing to optimize strength, durability, stiffness, all the while keeping it as lightweight as possible.

The latest version of our vaunted aluminum gravel frame features a new, forged chainstay yoke to improve tire clearance and stiffness. This design leaves us with an elegant and simple multi-talented platform. 

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