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Surly Ogre


ETA:  April

Sizes coming: Backordered


ETA: June

Sizes: Backordered

Surly Ice Cream Truck

Ice Cream Truck Fat

ETA: October 2021

Size: Small, Medium (2), and Large

Non-Complete bikes: Frame/Fork, 27.5 wheels, and Cranks

Build to your liking. 

Complete bikes March

Surly Krampus Front Suspension

Krampus Front Suspension

ETA: April

Sizes: Backordered

Surly Krampus Rigid

Krampus (rigid)

ETA: June

Sizes: Backordered


ETA: July 2022

Sizes: Small and Large in stock (9-23-21)

Color is Orange

Surly Lowside