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Electric/Gas Motor Kits

$225.00 - $303.99
-SpeedBox 1.0 (Smart System) is Not compatible w/ SpeedBox app. -SpeedBox 1.0 B.Tuning (Smart System) Compatible w/ Speebox app. This will make your Bosch-equipped bike pedal as fast as you can pedal it. 22mph no problem, all the way to 30mph. Respect posted trail speeds. Be respectful of other users. The tuning chip for e-bikes with the newest Bosch Gen4 motor and Smart System. SpeedBox 1.0 enables you to suppress the speed limiter on your e-bike. When in use, the display shows a real speed of up to 22.2 km/h. After exceeding this speed your actual speed is indicated on the last two digits of the display. In case of updating the software of your e-bike, we recommend the following procedure: 1) Uninstall SpeedBox from the e-bike 2) Update the software 3) Reinstall SpeedBox
Speedbox SpeedBox 3.0 for Bosch
$189.00 - $330.00
Retire the 20mph cut-off. Go as fast as you can pedal. Raises limit above 30mph. PROPERTIES: Speed limiter: deactivated The display shows: actual values Compatible with motors: Active Line, Active Line Plus, Performance Line and Performance Line CX Line, Cargo Line including motors of the 4th generation. Activation: by pressing WALK / + - + - / WALK + Compatible with SpeedBox App: NO
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