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NDBS Logo hub. In-stock 28-hole Boost 15mm axle can be ordered in 32-hole Boost and non-bost hub widths. Disc mount: 6-bolt or Centerlock. Color options: For 32 holes many colors are available. Weight 140.78 Length (OLD) 110mm Bearings 2x TPI Sealed Cartridge PCD Left 58mm, Right 45mm Right Flange-to-Center 38.2mm Left Flange-to-Center 26.2mm Hole Diameter 2.6mm Axle Al-7075 Body CNC Machined Al-6061
NDBS Logoed Rear hub In-store hubs are 28 holes, 6-bolt disc, and can be ordered 32 holes. Boost XD, HG, and Microspline freehubs. Can be ordered in 135 Quick Release, 142, and 148 boost spacing. Disc Mount: 6-bolt or Centerlock Flange Diameter Right (PCD): 58 Flange Diameter Left (PCD): 58 Right Center-to-Flange: 21.05 Left Center-to-Flange: 35.75
NDBS logoed hub Can be ordered with HG, XD, or Micospline. In stock, the hub is 197 X12 axle Holes: OLD: 190mm, 197mm Flange Diameter: 58mm Left Center-to-Flange: 46.5 Right Center-to-Flange: 46.5 Color: Black. Colors available Holes: 32h Axles: QR x 190mm, 12 x 190mm, 12 x 197mm Weight: 342g Pawl: 6
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