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Ski & Snowboard Tuning & Minor repair

Your Hand Tune Ski & Board Experts

NDB has been hand tuning ski and snowboards for 7 years in store. Our crew has been trained by Swix waxing experts. NDB uses only the best tools, chemicals and waxes. We will have your ski's board's back to you in 48 hours in most cases.

Ski & Snowboard Tuning Services


                                         Hand Edge and Wax Red 25°-39° $35
                                         Hand Edge and Wax Yellow 32°-50° $35
                                         Hot Wax Red 25°-39° $20
                                         Hot Wax Yellow 32°-50° $20
                                         Hand Edge $15
                                         P-Tex Base Repair Major $20  
                                         P-Tex  Base Repair Standard $15
                                         P-Tex  Base Repair Minor $10


Ski Services

Clean base surface (not to much)

Ski Edge Tuning

Minor Ski Base Repair

Ski Waxing

Fastener Inspection

Snowboard Services

Clean base surface (not to much)

Snowboard Edge Tuning

Minor Snowboard Base Repair

Snowboard Waxing

Fastener inspection

Contact us to discuss your ski or board service today.

Gear Up for the Slopes

NDB stocks: Waxes, Irons, Scrapers and Rub on waxes.