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Niner Bikes Up to 50% Off

We are over stocked on Previous years Niner's. New bikes with warranty, Professional Assembly, and First Full Service Included. 

Car Racks

DURA-ACE and ULTEGRA Crank Recall

Crankarm models: FC-9100, FC-R9100-P, FC-9000, FC-R8000, & FC-6800

Immediately Call 509-467-2453

 Give Accuracy and Safety This Year

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Fat Bikes, Accessories and Clothing

Free Local Delivery 

10 Mile Radius from Store. Call 509-467-2453 to Schedule.

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Your one stop bike shop since 1983.

Why Choose North Division Bicycle?

When you purchase a bike at NDB, you can trust that your bike has been professionally built, you will save 10% on cycling accessories purchased on the same day, and the labor to install those accessories is FREE. If that isn’t enough, your new bike’s first full service appointment is complimentary. We’re also a pretty cool and unique group of passionate cyclists who believe that bikes offer a simple solution to many of our communities’ complex problems.

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Bike Fit Bicycle Sizing & Fitting

Having to pre-order your bike is something new for all of us. The sizing cycle allows you to sit on the bike you are choosing. There is a couple static measurements taken. Those measurements are translated into a bike size. The bike you are looking at is applied to the size cycle. This is a great option if you fit two different size bikes. Fitting is done at delivery. Fitting is when the small micro adjustments to the saddle and handlebar positions are done.

Bike Fit

All Things NDB

Represent your favorite local bike shop and ride in one of our one-of-a-kind unicorn jerseys! If unicorns aren’t your style, we have plenty of other jerseys, stickers, koozies and more.