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Burgtec Enduro MK3

Burgtec Enduro MK3
  • Color: Iron Bro Orange
  • Color: Burgtec Black
  • Color: Burgtec Bullion Gold
  • Color: Deep Blue
  • Color: Kash Bronze
  • Color: Purple Rain
  • Color: Race Red
  • Color: Rhodium Silver
  • Color: Toxic Barbie Pink
Steerer Diameter:
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Enduro has unquestionably evolved ever closer to Downhill. The Enduro MK3 Stem is all you need for hitting the trails with wingsuit type accuracy. This Stem was born out of rider's demands for precision and for those moments when you have to be inch-perfect.

Taking design elements from our World Cup-winning Direct Mount MK3 Stem and splicing these with our critically acclaimed Enduro MK2 Stem.

We developed the Stem specifically with Pro's and Bro's alike. It was obvious we all live for the same challenge of pushing our own limits. As riders, we want a Stem that inspires confidence to change lines through the middle of a rock garden like it's no big deal or slap the inside of a turn and translate all your weight to front-wheel traction. Providing ear-to-ear grins and saying to your mates at the bottom of a trail, "Did you see that?".

From the start of the design process, it became clear that we wanted extra rigidity. To yield this, we would need to make the Stem using a forging process - a new thing for us. The result of this allowed us to achieve a more intricate shape than machining alone. It involves applying a huge amount of force to redirect the grain flow of the material. As a result, this gives superior strength, fatigue and impact resistance.

Another area where we made a significant improvement in rigidity was by increasing the clamping surface area on the steerer tube. We've vastly increased this to give a stout, rock-solid feel and as close to the MK3 Direct Mount Stem as we could. Furthermore, everything is held securely by stainless steel bolts to ensure there is no rust even in the grimmest weather. In addition and like every Burgtec product, it's fully CNC machined and anodized in all your favourite flavours.

Tested with the world's fastest jibbers and sendiest racers, this stem has everything you need to hit all those rowdy racing lines or pull that little bit harder off that big sender.

- Forged and Fully CNC machined from AL6061 – T6 Aluminium
- Stainless Steel Hardware
- Available lengths - 35mm, 42.5mm and 50mm
- Available in both 31.8mm (Black only) and 35mm Clamp
- Weight: 35mm 138g, 42.5mm 152g, 50mm 160g

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
35mm / Iron Bro Orange / 35mm / +/-0° / 1-1/8-inch 712885688265 3416 END36130671E
35mm / Burgtec Black / 50mm / +/-0° / 1-1/8-inch 712885688395 3451 END28533762K
35mm / Burgtec Black / 35mm / +/-0° / 1-1/8-inch 712885688210 3411 END28524502K
31.8mm / Burgtec Black / 42.5mm / +/-0° / 1-1/8-inch 712885688494 3491 END29862580K
31.8mm / Burgtec Black / 35mm / +/-0° / 1-1/8-inch 712885688487 3471 END28531316K
35mm / Burgtec Bullion Gold / 35mm / +/-0° / 1-1/8-inch 712885688289 3418 END34288207D
35mm / Burgtec Bullion Gold / 42.5mm / +/-0° / 1-1/8-inch 712885688371 3438 END35217067D
35mm / Deep Blue / 42.5mm / +/-0° / 1-1/8-inch 712885688326 3433
35mm / Kash Bronze / 35mm / +/-0° / 1-1/8-inch 712885688258 3415 END33415990E
35mm / Kash Bronze / 42.5mm / +/-0° / 1-1/8-inch 712885688340 3435 END34249296E
35mm / Purple Rain / 42.5mm / +/-0° / 1-1/8-inch 712885688333 3434 END34196069N
35mm / Purple Rain / 35mm / +/-0° / 1-1/8-inch 712885688241 3414
35mm / Race Red / 35mm / +/-0° / 1-1/8-inch 712885688227 3412 END30564276D
35mm / Race Red / 42.5mm / +/-0° / 1-1/8-inch 712885688319 3432 END31139454D
35mm / Rhodium Silver / 35mm / +/-0° / 1-1/8-inch 712885688272 3417 END36830147R
35mm / Toxic Barbie Pink / 42.5mm / +/-0° / 1-1/8-inch 712885688388 3439 END39501361K